Tournament Rules

The Tournament will be fished according to the IGFA Rules & Regulations as well as to the Tournament RELEASE PROCEDURES. The tournament organizing committee reserves the right of changing the starting and finishing times according to the tides and for any other necessary reason.


The minimum recommended length of a participating Boat is 20 Feet with Two engines (Two engines means either twin engines or one main engine with one spare engine for security). The boat must be equipped with a VHF radio,  two cell phones and all safety equipment as per pleasure craft act (under Mauritius jurisdictions). The maximum line test allowed is 130 lbs. IGFA Class.  No extra points will be awarded for the use lighter line category. Only rods and reels will be used. Dead baits and artificial  lures may be used, live bait must be caught during the fishing hours of the day. The use of non-offset circle hooks for  fishing live/dead bait is compulsory.


Released -Qualifying Fish

Blue, Black or Striped Marlin  1000 points

Sailfish  400 points

Shark 250 Points

Spearfish 200 points

Boated Fish

Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo (min 15 lbs) and maximum of 2 fish per species per day   1 point per lb

Any of the following dead fish: Blue, Black, Striped MArlin, Sailfish & Spearfish  1 point per lb

Released Bonus & Scheme

First released Marlin of each day  100 points

Second released Marlin of each day 70 Points

Third released Marlin of each day 50 points

Two or more Marlins released each day 200 points

200 points penalty will apply to any dead billfish (Blue,Black, Striped Marlin, Sailfish & Spearfish).

A boated shark will not be eligible for points.

A mutilated fish will not qualify.


If one or more teams end up with the same amount of points, the victory will be attributed to the team who reached the total points first during the Tournament


A fish will be considered as released, according to the IGFA rules and the Tournament Releases Rules and procedures.

4.1 Tournament Release Rules:

Important notice: only one Angler can handle the rod after the strike and during the entire fight.

The organizing committee will consider a fish officially released when the above Important Notice has been respected plus one of the following actions completed:

A. The crew is able to grab the leader
B. The swivel hits the rod tip
C. The connection (knot, splice, etc.) between the leader and the mainline/double passes through the rod tip

4.2 Tournament Release Procedure:

A. Report the strike to the organizing committee on VHF or mobile phobe +230  57 28 78 91  by giving: the name of Boat, the fishing zone and the fish species.
B. Take a picture and a film of the angler during the fight with the bracelet of the day.
C. Record film as per release video camera requirements.
D. Report the release of the fish on VHF channel 09 or on mobile phone +230 57 28 78 91



All teams must provide their own video Camera(s) and know how to operate them to verify releases.

All video recording equipment must be synchronized to the official tournament time (GMT+4) and checked in by the tournament Organizing Committee.

5.1 To score an official release, the video footage must include sufficient continuous footage to:

A. Show a team member or crew touching the leader with the bracelet of the day while the fish is still hooked.
B. Show part of the fight and full release of the healthy fish swimming away.
C. Clearly identify the species.

The video must be continuous with no breaks in recording and identify all of these elements. Do not delete any video taken during fishing hours, even if it does not include the above elements and will not be used to prove a catch.

5.2 At the end of the day’s fishing and back to the Tournament Headquarters, the Team Captain must go to the Tournament Office with the following, for validation and points attribution:

A. The score card duly filled and signed.

B. The Video camera, its connection devices with video footage mentioned in above-mentioned section 5.1 ( A,B & C).

Failure to comply to the paragraph 4 and 5 as per above-mentioned will result to disqualification of the catch.


The  Organizing Committee reserves the right to place an observer or any participating boat on each Tournament day.


The tournament will be fished according the IGFA rules and regulations.

The organizing committee:

A. may request from the Angler the lure, line, and reel used to catch/release the fish.

B. has  the right to: Investigate and act upon any incident occurring/occurred during the tournament. Disqualify any capture following examination and measurement of tackle and equipment used on the boat.

C. holds the right to examine any tackle, line and/or leaders will result in immediate disqualification from the event without refund of registration fees.

D. all decisions of the Organizing Committee are final and non-appeal able.


Any protest should be filed in writing by the Team Captain of the protesting boat to the Organizing committee  when he/she hands over his  Score Card.


The Organizing Committee can change and/or cancel fishing days and/or fishing hours , in case of bad weather conditions resulting from: Cyclones including but not limited to cyclone warnings ,strong winds, tidal waves, rough seas, flooding and any other natural disaster that may occur or exceptional situations beyond our control, occurring during the Tournament period and/or prior the tournament period.

All attempts will be made to fish as many days as possible, but as little as one day of fishing or nay part thereof constitutes a complete tournament.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right of admission to the tournament. In addition, any member of the team who threatens insults or misbehave and disrespect its fellows, members of the organizing committee of any participant, will immediately be expelled from the tournament without any notice and will not be allowed to access the Tournament Headquarters.


In all cases the decisions made by the Organizing Committee are irrevocable and final.


The Organizing Committee reserves  the right to use all images (Photos  and videos) taken and/or delivered by the anglers or any other participating team members for advertising purposes.